• Preparation & Food Processing

Assembling Sink Working Table

  • GC-103
  • GC-101, GC-102
  • GC-100
  • GC-98, GC-99
  • GC-94, GC-95, GC-96, GC-97
  • GC-88C, GC-88C-1/2/3
  • GC-88B, GC-88B-1/2/3
  • GC-78, GC-79
  • GC-76, GC-77
  • GC-76A1, GC-76A2, GC-76A3
  • GC-80-87

Bone Saw

  • JG210
  • SO1840
  • SO1550

Meat Cutter

  • QR30A

Meat Mincer

  • TC32
  • TC22
  • TC12

Meat Mixing Machine

  • BX100A

Meat Slicer

  • HBS-250A, HBS-220A, HBS-275A, HBS-300A

Potato Peeler

  • PSP700KG10

Sausage Filling Machine

  • SF-8L
  • INS/3, INS/5, INS/7

Universal Fritter

  • QS513, QS508A, QS505A
  • QS-650, QS-630, QS-620
  • TQ-8/TQ-8A, TQ-5

Vegetable Chopper

  • QC200, QC160

Vegetable Cutter

Advanced Customer Services

Giving you best-in-class service isn’t something we have to do. it’s what we expect to do. There is no challenge too big or too small because customer satisfaction is our number one goal.Al Halabi is committed to improving the working lives of its customers by engineering solutions that make kitchen equipment safer, more efficient, and exceptionally cost-effective. Al-Halabi’s product innovations are focused on saving energy and helping customers to grow their businesses

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