About Us

Al Halabi Kitchen Equipment is one of the prominent names in the kitchen equipment business since 1970′s, with a constant focus on quality, innovation and flamboyant looks. Coupled with these are attributes like timely maintenance and perfect service, which makes the slogan “one of the best”, not only an attractive phrase but also a reality. The 70 percent of Al Halabi products are manufactured locally while the balance 30 percent is imported. This ennobles the company perfectly balance the requirements of local market.Today, we are one of the main supplier for hotels, restaurants, bakeries, villas and palaces, catering companies, tourist establishments, yacht clubs and bars, cafeterias and many more.All products of the company have been manufactured in accordance with the current laws and regulations and adhere to the highest quality standards. It can also easily dismantle for thorough cleaning, maintaining and attaining a perfect balance between quality, design, price and durability.Recently, we established a new section for researched and innovation designs to stay abreast of the latest international developments.

Al Halabi has a very diverse portfolio of kitchen structures, which have also been established at the company’s branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Sudan and of course here in Qatar.

Major projects come in a series of study : Site visits, site measurement and preparation floor plan, serialize equipment. We maintain a uniform pricing policy based on material cost and overhead expense. Many customers are simply providing descriptions, specifying the kind of business they have, mentioning the caliber of their Restaurants /Cafeterias, Arabic,  India, Continental, Chinese and etc. In such case we can determine the appropriate equipments and provide them with different ideas in designs and the items that will suit to their needs.


Advanced Customer Services

Giving you best-in-class service isn’t something we have to do. it’s what we expect to do. There is no challenge too big or too small because customer satisfaction is our number one goal.Al Halabi is committed to improving the working lives of its customers by engineering solutions that make kitchen equipment safer, more efficient, and exceptionally cost-effective. Al-Halabi’s product innovations are focused on saving energy and helping customers to grow their businesses

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